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Honeywell Digital Fan Coil Thermostat - 24 VAC (low voltage)

Honeywell Digital Fan Coil Thermostat - 24 VAC (low voltage)


This easy-to-use Honeywell digital thermostat has an intuitive interface to make programming and day-to-day use simple. After all, being comfortable should be easy.

Features include:

  • Pre-installed lead wires make installation quick, safe and simple
  • The back-lit display makes viewing the screen easy in any light
  • Four buttons allow for simple manual control of system operations, including fan speed and temperature adjustment
  • Digital display of ambient temperature, setpoint, heating or cooling mode, fan status and remote setback
  • Proportional plus integral (P+I) control algorithm for precision temperature regulation, ensuring consistent comfort throughout your residence
  • Single setpoint and heat/cool setpoint methods for 4-pipe auto changeover
  • Adjustable maximum heating and minimum cooling setpoint limits using range stops ensures your residence never becomes too hot or too cold
  • EEPROM permanently retains user settings, including setpoints, during power loss and no batteries are required!
  • Selectable Celsius or Fahrenheit display via Setup button on thermostat
  • Selectable to allow the fan motor to always begin on high speed to ensure sufficient torque at startup
  • Option to wire a remote indoor temperature sensor
  • Freeze protect algorithm turns on heat when needed
  • Economy setback options via dry contact or Activity Sensing

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